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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  July 17, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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>> live and in hd. this is abc 7 news, washington weekly. >> we begin with the growing debt debate. the clock is ticking for the deadline to get a deal done. it is 15 days and counting. >> leading church with his family, president obama gave a shout out to the women's soccer team. but he is also rooting for the resurrection of a debt deal. his budget director says it is possible. >> there is still time. the president has made clear he wants to do something substantial. >> the president and speaker john boehner are again talking
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about more than four trillion dollars in deficit reduction. john boehner and reportedly wants cuts to entitlement programs. but many republicans still doubt such a plan can pass. so plan be to avert the country from defaulting is being devised by the leaders of the senate. it would give the president the authority to raise the debt ceiling on his own. >> it takes the pressure of the politicians and allows us to pass a debt limit without making the hard choices this country has to make. >> the standoff? republican eric cantor refuses to consider tax increases. democrat nancy pelosi will not accept benefit cuts to entitlement. many want kantor to back down, but not all. >> we need to pay our way out of that. >> in pelosi's district, some support. >> she should only compromise if others are willing to come to the table as well.
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>> but even pelosi supporters want a deal. >> you have to show us something. >> conventional wisdom is that washington needs a deadline to get anything done. friday is when the president says legislation is to be moving through in order for the country to increase its borrowing limit. did you for joining us tonight. we have a vote this week. is this politics as usual more of the same? or is this progress? >> you might be tempted to think that because they are voting on something, something must be getting done, but this has the potential to be counterproductive. republicans in the house are introducing this plan that would include dramatic cuts to government spending, much more than the democrats are ever likely to accept. they would raise the debt ceiling. it includes a balanced budget amendment.
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but it is not going anywhere. there is not any chance it is going to pass the senate. it seems like a distraction. it reveals these splits within the republican caucus between the hard right tea party republicans in the house who would rather not raise the debt ceiling, and the more moderate republicans, who are trying to work out a deal. >> work it to pass, wouldn't it mean that during the election they would be duking it out? >> that is the other thing the president has been trying to avoid. he has said he does not want to kick the can down the road. he wants something that will go through 2012. the last budget fight, there were these stopgaps that kept getting passed. the president has said explicitly that this time he want something that in his words solves the problem. >> some good news, unless it is all talk. it sounds as if both sides are willing to say we are not going to default on our debt. we will do something.
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>> it is an interesting feeling. there is panic but a bit of a sense of calm, a realization we have to get serious and do this. there are still some voices saying let it happen, the sky is not going to fall, they are not just try to scare you. but for the most part there is an agreement something has to get done. >> right now clearly, neither side is looking amazing coming out of this. which side do you think could benefit? >> that is the conundrum here. i do not think anybody knows. i think that is part of the reason all the congressional leaders are so freaked out. you can have a lot of theories about if we default is going to hurt the republicans or hurt president obama. nobody knows how it is going to look to the american people and who they are going to blame until it happens. it seems like they probably blame everybody. congress is not popular to begin
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with. to most people out there this is another sorry example of our leaders not being able to get anything done. >> i think the lesson would be that leaders lead. stop worrying about politics. do what you are supposed to. >> the problem is what is it? what are they supposed to do? they all have very different ideas of what that is. >> hopefully politics is not at the forefront of their minds. thank you for joining us. >> virginia democratic congressman gerry connolly will meet with voters tomorrow to discuss the future of medicare and social security. he will hold a town hall meeting in springfield starting at 11:00. it will feature a panel of experts on medicare and social security. still to come, big sports hearing set for this week. we look at both of them. plus rumors are swirling. why the redskins say they remove
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seats from the fedex field. >> are you ready for the heat and humidity? how about heat index readings above 105 degrees? the fall forecast with a look a
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>> taking a look at the week ahead, the army psychiatrist charged in the mass shooting at fort hood will appear in court. major nadal hassan will appear
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on thursday. the arraignment will be his first court appearance since it was determined he would face the death penalty. he faces 13 counts of murder and 32 attempted murder charges for the rampage. the former head of the international monetary fund is expected to appear in court tomorrow. dominique strauss-kahn is accused of sexually assaulting a maid at a hotel in new york. he was released from house arrest earlier this month as prosecutors presented evidence questioning the credibility of the maid. the first presidential debate will be held solely through twitter on wednesday. the event is sponsored by the tea party. it will include michele bachman tim pawlenty, and newt gingrich. it will start at 3:00 p.m.. questions can be treated. here is a look at the week ahead for the nationals and d.c. united.
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the nationals had to houston for three games against the astros. then it is onto los angeles to take on the dodgers. d.c. united takes on the revolution on wednesday. then ever written comes to town for a special game on saturday july 23. the redskins have yanked 10,000 seats out of fedex field. with thousands of people on a wait list for season tickets why remove the seeds? the team said it was not because the tickets would not sell. more on the seat saba -- saga. this coming season, the red sox war world will be thinned a thousand voices because the team will remove those seats from above the end zone. >> there was consensus from the fans as to whether they want the seats are not -- i think it is a disservice to the fans. >> the redskins tried to sell
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the upper deck seats but no one wanted to buy them. a team spokesman says there is more to the story. kelly spent years on the waiting list for season tickets. she got the call just when the nfl labor issues started to look like a threat. she turned down the offer. the lockout played a role. the general manager claimed that when the lockout took affect the team opted to stop those offers and proceed with renovations. phase one would get rid of the seats. the long-term plan is to put a party deck for standing room only tickets. the process of getting construction permits and a design plan has not begun. for the 2011 season, there will be less traffic and a shorter wait time for concessions and
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restrooms. >> being a dallas cowboys fan, i do not clear if they -- care if they close the stadium. >> a legal challenge that will capture headlines across the nation. why the definition of marriage will come under new scrutiny.
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>> 89 degrees our high temperature today, right on target for this time of year. but we have big changes on the
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way. 80 degrees. mostly clear skies at the airport. wind out of the southwest. a high of 85. 74 in potomac with a high near 90 earlier this afternoon. now 78 at children's hospital in the district. temperatures holding in the 70's to the north of us. a few 80 sprinkled in 4 bc. nashua a little cooler. the real heat and humidity is west of us, still in the mid to upper 80's. chicago looking at 85 degrees. heat index reading still in the mid to upper 90's. it feels like 99 degrees in minneapolis. all this heat and humidity eventually will move our way. the areas shaded in magenta are excessive heat warnings excessive heat advisories, and watches as close as central
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ohio. we are shaded code orange for air quality not only for monday, but also tuesday. look for air quality to continue to deteriorate over the next couple of days. this is a cold front that will drift south over the next 24 hours. look for clubs to increase during the late afternoon. we may see isolated showers and thunderstorms. a better chance on tuesday. in the corner of your screen, you can see some clouds. we have a newly named tropical storm. it will continue to move toward the east and should have no impact on the continental united states. there is high pressure just off the coast which will keep the storm away from us. the next 48 hours shows mainly clear skies for tonight. tomorrow, a few sprinkles to the west of us. funnel systems to the north. a better chance for storms with
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heavy downpours on tuesday. it will not give us relief from the heat. tonight, temperatures in the 60's to the middle 70's. tomorrow 90 to 95 degrees. here is the extended outlook. temperatures near 100 if not above by thursday, friday, saturday. a couple of degrees cooler on sunday. had to for an update. >> whether we want to know or not. but we want to know it to prepare for all of them. it takes nerve to publicly ask a big star like justin timberlake to take you to a ball. but when you are following in the footsteps of a fellow marine, it can be an act of patriotism. >> this female marine is asking justin timberlake on a date, hoping he would take his own advice. >> do it for your country. >> that is what he told his co- star after a male marines
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stationed in afghanistan asked her out during youtube. >> i want to take a moment out of you to invite you to a marine corps ball. take a second. think about it. get back to me. >> chances are the last time mila kunis was asked on a blind date was one will splits are invited her to the white house correspondents' dinner. he is more famous than sergeant scott mohr but the sergeant had justin timberlake on his side during an interview. >> this needs to happen. do it for their country. >> i will do it for you. >> you do it for your country, justin timberlake. now this marine once you. >> you want to call out my girl mila? i am going to call you out and ask you to come to the marine
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corps ball with me. >> the corporal is the only female marine at the martial arts center for excellence at quantico. she is an instructor with a black belt. she sometimes does cage fights. she is a fan of justin timberlake. she got the idea to invite him after seeing him so enthusiastically tell his co- star to go. her friends set up a facebook page called let's get justin timberlake to the marine corps ball with kelsey, complete with photos so impressive that how could timberlake tell her to jump in a lake? >> call me a river. >> ♪, a river ♪ >> the corporal has a tattoo as well. that is just the one we can see. when we asked a friend whether kelsey could kick justin
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timberlake's but if he turned her down he said for sure. this marine is not looking for a few good men. just one. cnn. new york. >> coming up, you have probably seen or heard of the reality show sister wives.
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[ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what'sour story? citi can help you write it. >> a polygamous family may have
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seen on reality tv is headed to federal court. they will fire about a serious lawsuit asking the court to reconsider marriage in 2011. >> she is a sister from the same mr., and he is a brother from another mother. >> you may not approve of the life cody braun lives with his wives and children but they say they have every right to live it. >> there will be some people who see your life and say this is wrong. >> we are not saying this is for everybody. we would never say that. >> their constitutional attorney is set to ask the federal courts to decriminalize the practice. his argument? the browns are consenting adults living out their faith and they are not hurting anybody. >> we live in a bizarre situation where everyone agrees to can have multiple lovers and children by those lovers, and
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you are protected as a citizen of the united states. but the minute you tell them privately you view them as spirituals buses the state prosecutor to. >> the law banning polygamy dates back to a supreme court decision in 1879. the supreme court said it may be a religious practice but does not deserve constitutional protection anymore than human sacrifice. but this is the same court that ban interracial marriage. should polygamy be reconsidered? >> if you have all consenting adults, what is wrong with that? >> i don't care what these people are telling you. there is not a single polygamous family where the women are truly happy. >> critics say there is plenty of evidence that polygamy foster's abuse. remember allegations of children forced to marry older man. attorney challenges everyone to


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